New Release Date for The Fiend and the Forge

Well, I’ve been writing away and am very excited about how The Fiend and the Forge is developing. It’s such a different book – a bigger, more complex story with some pretty intriguing new characters….

There’s a demon named Prusias, a gaggle of haglings (look out goslings!), and some pretty startling developments that have Max continuing to question who he is while David Menlo is off pursuing a secret, sinister errand of his own. Did I mention that a male selkie has arrived at Rowan? I wonder how Frigga and Helga will respond…. While I’m still completing the draft, I would guess that this will be a lengthier tome than either The Hound of Rowan or The Second Siege. After all, now that Astaroth has the Book of Thoth, the world has changed and I’m interested in exploring it. I hope you will be, too.

One unfortunate snag is that my publisher has had to push back the release of Fiend to Spring 2010. I know that’s frustrating for some readers, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the story and would rather err on the side of craftsmanship rather than speed to market. While you may have to wait a few more weeks, I can promise that this will be the most captivating volume yet, so hang in there.

Thank you for your patience and be sure to drop me a note now and again. I love to hear from you and there’s nothing more satisfying than a nice email from a reader who loves Max, David, Mum, and Cooper as much as I do.