Manuscript is Finished!

Well, you all have been so patient and I’m thrilled – literally THRILLED – to announce that the manuscript for The Fiend and the Forge (Book 3 of The Tapestry series) is complete.

She checks in at 247,000 words and while that will undoubtedly dwindle during the editing process, The Second Siege is about 125,000 words. So, in a word, this is a BIG book. I’m really very proud of it – it’s a grander, more ambitious story that builds upon the foundation set in the first two volumes, and builds a whole new world. A big story all the way around – the scope of the story, scale of various settings, the stakes, etc. I truly cannot wait to share it with you all.

We’re slated to publish the book in September – I think it’s slated for the 28th, but that can change by a week or two. I begin the drawings today and cannot wait – there are some great visuals in this story. Thanks again for your patience. More updates soon….