BIG News!!!

I’m happy to announce that there will be a fifth book to complete The Tapestry series. The development occurred as I was working on the manuscript for The Maelstrom and realizing that there were too many interesting aspects of the world and interesting story lines to explore to wrap up the series in a fourth book of manageable size (i.e., not a a thousand-page book). It’s a tricky topic to broach with one’s publisher – after all, they thought the series was originally going to be a trilogy – but fortunately they were open to expanding Max’s tale.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. As I was writing The Maelstrom – and thinking it would be the last book – I was agonizing over how best to economize certain plot threads while lamenting the fact that we really wouldn’t be able to see how certain factions lived or experience other regions. Now that I’ve got a fifth book to stretch my legs, I can promise that we’ll be visiting places like Zenuvia, the Witches, Connor Lynch’s barony, and some other exciting corners that have been growing and taking shape in my imagination.

More on The Maelstrom soon (I’m currently working on the drawings), but I wanted to share the big news that The Tapestry is going to be a five book series!