Meet the Smee!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing a fantasy series is the opportunity to create new characters and creatures. The smee is a one of my latest creations and readers will be meeting him in The Fiend and the Forge. Here’s their description:

Harmless but incurably lazy, the smee is a master of mimicry. In their natural state, the smee is a yam-like, limbless creature with a mouth in its midsection. Incomparably vain, they may don various wigs, hairpieces, and even sparkly sequins to jazz up their plain and – let’s be honest – somewhat revolting bodies. Their real talent, however, lies in their ability to shape shift. Smees can take almost any form and with such unparalleled skill that they can further replicate the voice, mannerisms, and even aura of an imprinted creature. With this power, they often ensconce themselves in various communities and trick others into providing them with a life of luxury and comfort.

Smees provide me with two very useful qualities. Their shape shifting abilities have obvious applications as do their personalities – dramatic and pompous in sharp contrast to their unassuming natural state. They are wonderful comic relief and when one hears tales about smees and their various infiltrations (past and ongoing) a new layer of depth and texture is added to the world of The Tapestry. Incidentally, the name “smee” was inspired by Mr. Smee from Peter Pan – Captain Hook’s bumbling accomplice in piratical crime.

So here is the splendid smee. He looks forward to making your acquaintance very soon!