Sketches for The Maelstrom

Now that my editor has the manuscript for The Maelstrom, I’m diving into the illustrations. At this stage, I’m working on pencil sketches for the chapter opening drawings. I used to just really rough out my basic premise, but I’ve learned that the more time I spend on the sketch, the better the final product and the less likelihood of having to start all over or figure things out on the final art when I’m working with inks. Pencils are a lot more forgiving and I’d rather do the heavy lifting on the sketch and make my life easier on the final art.

Here’s a sample – a drawing of Elias Bram. My goal was for you to get a sense that this is someone with tremendous power and someone who is a little bit scary and intimidating. I don’t want Bram to be a warm/cuddly persona; he’s an Archmage who focuses on BIG problems and cosmic terrors and I wanted some of those qualities to come through in the sketch.

I’ll be posting more drawings in the upcoming weeks so be sure to stay tuned!