Have you found the Old Magic? Become an Ambassador and share your spark!

  • What is the Ambassador Program?
  • Ambassadors are readers that would like to champion Henry’s books and help spread the word about life at Rowan. Think of it as a club for super fans of The Tapestry and Impyrium.
  • What kinds of things do Ambassadors do?
  • Activities vary from month to month, but they might include:
    • Lending a friend Impyrium or one of The Tapestry books
    • Checking to see that your local library and booksellers carry the series
    • Suggesting one of Henry’s books for your book club or class project
    • Posting am Impyrium or Tapestry shelfie on Instagram or Twitter
    • Reviewing one of the books for a school or local paper
    • Creating some artwork of a favorite character or scene
    • Contributing to a Wiki or Reddit thread on one of the books or series

    The objective is to brainstorm a fun activity and make something happen in our local or online communities. If you have cool ideas or suggestions, Henry would love to hear them!

  • Does it cost anything?
  • Nope. Not a single penny, copper, lune, or House Blade.
  • Does becoming an Ambassador have any perks?
  • Many. Ambassadors are eligible to win special prizes and collectibles that aren’t available to the public. Each month, we’ll celebrate an Ambassador that’s been exceptionally enterprising or innovative. You’ll also get sneak peeks of upcoming projects, illustrations, and special Q&A’s with Henry. We’ll build and tweak the program as we go, but the goal is for it to be fun and rewarding.
  • Can anyone sign up?
  • Yes, but you must be at least 13 years old to sign up on your own. If you are younger than 13, a parent or guardian will have to sign up on your behalf and you can be Ambassadors together. This is due to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPAA), an important program designed to protect children’s privacy and ensure that their parents are aware of any communications they receive. For more information, please visit here. PLEASE NOTE: Your personal information will never be made public or shared with a third party.
  • If I sign up, am I going to get spammed?
  • No. You will simply receive a monthly email that announces upcoming Ambassador activities along with special news and contest winners. You can unsubscribe at any time and your personal information will always be kept private.
  • If there’s a month when I can’t participate, will I be kicked out of the program?
  • Of course not! The program is meant to be fun, not a job or homework. If you can’t participate one month, no problem—jump back in when you can. While some challenges may require participation to win that month’s prize, there’s never a penalty for sitting one out.
  • Will there be a private forum, group, or page for Ambassadors?
  • For now, we’re going to rely on the monthly email to communicate upcoming activities, recap recent events, announce contest winners, and recognize superstars. Ambassador info will also be posted to Henry’s Facebook page, this website’s blog, and via Twitter and Instagram. If the program grows and we need better means to communicate and build the community, we’ll investigate additional options while ensuring compliance with COPPA. If you have suggestions, Henry is happy to hear them.
  • How do I sign up?
  • By verifying your age and filling out the form below.


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