Some BIG Life Changes Ahead!

Some readers have been emailing lately about why I haven’t been making many (translation: any) entries to the Blog on the new website. Well, there’s a reason. Actually, there are many reasons, but there are two big ones:

I just got engaged and will be moving from San Francisco to New York!

Big news, big news. While some might choose to propose and others might swap coasts, I decided to tackle both simultaneously and I’m confident that you’re both shocked and awed by my ambition. Actually, that’s a politically charged phrase. Let’s change it to “bewildered and dazzled”….

In many ways, I have The Tapestry to thank for reacquainting me with my fiancee, Danielle. You see, she and I grew up together outside Chicago and have known each other since the sixth grade. When The Hound of Rowan was released, she sent me a nice note and inquired whether she could get some signed copies. This began a long flirtation (I’m no fool…Danielle is sweet, smart, beautiful, and funny. Well out of my league.) that led to a long distance romance and now to an impending marriage. It’s funny how these things turn out – who knew that the cute blond in my sixth grade class would someday become my wife?!?

As I write this entry, I’m also in the process of packing up my cozy flat in San Francisco and getting ready to move. I can write anywhere, but Danielle’s career requires her to stay in the Big Apple and thus I’m the one who will be uprooting. We’ve rented an apartment in a Brooklyn brownstone and will be making our home there. While I will dearly miss San Francisco, my school, and my west coast friends, I’m also excited to embark on a new life experience in one of the word’s great cities. Although, I will have to say goodbye to my writing lair (here I am pictured in said lair..and you thought writing was glamorous?!?), I’m sure I’ll create a suitable replacement (complete with absurd clutter, pens, drawings, and knickknacks) very soon….