Character Guides, Book Trailers, and Fiend…Oh My!

Been a busy boy these past few weeks as I put Fiend to bed and embarked upon Book Four. These days, however, it’s not enough for an author to simply write his books and hope they find an audience. An author has to promote them too, and that can take a variety of forms – anything from traditional book tours to school visits, websites, games, book trailers, blogging, etc.

This website is one of those initiatives and I’m happy to say that I’ll be adding some new content soon. This will include a character guide so that visitors can see and learn about The Tapestry’s major players (and some minor ones, too). Not all of The Tapestry editions are illustrated and thus many readers have never seen how I envision Mum or Bob or Max, etc. It’s a fun project to work on and I promise to include some tidbits on each character that are new to even the most faithful readers.

Here’s a sample of our favorite chef – hope you enjoy it.