New Additions at Rowan!

Any artist (or writer) loves to create new characters and creatures. In my case, the same goes for new buildings and settings. In my humble opinion, a setting is a character and can play an instrumental role in shaping the mood and tone of a story.

There are many new sights and settings in The Tapestry’s upcoming fourth book, The Maelstrom. We experience some on Max’s travels, but there are many changes taking place at Rowan itself. With the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees and construction taking place all the time, Rowan is rapidly evolving into a small country or kingdom rather than simply a school. One of the new buildings is a relic from Solas itself – The Tower of the Sun, which is known as “Tur an Ghrian”….

I’ll be posting more snippets and drawings from the upcoming book, so be sure to swing by and say hello!