The Maelstrom is here!

I’m heading to California for a week of school visits and events related to the launch of The Maelstrom. It’s a homecoming of sorts — I lived in San Francisco for nine years and really came to love the Bay Area. The trip is not only an opportunity to launch the book, but also to reconnect with old friends, former students, and favorite haunts.

A book launch always triggers some funny emotions and nerves: excitement, anxiety, pride, fear, you name it. I’m always intensely curious what my readers will think — whether they’ll enjoy the story, appreciate new developments, get what I was trying to do, etc. The Tapestry’s a little bit of a crap shoot on this front as I try not to repeat the tone or structure of previous books — the settings, situations, and character identities/roles are always shifting. Rowan has been a different place in every volume, as has Max, David, and other primary characters. The Maelstrom is no different — Rowan is now essentially a tiny country in a big, scary world. Mina is a powerful mystery. Even Astaroth might not be quite what we think he is…. As in previous books, the landscape shifts but hopefully some of the emotional touchstones retain their ability to make us laugh or even cry as the situation warrants.

I hope you love the book. It is, in my biased opinion, the best installment yet in the series and I’m very excited to share it with you. If you enjoy it, please drop me note or post a review online — those really do make a difference. Thanks again for all your support and come say hello at one of the following signings:

10/25 at 6:30 at Books Inc. in San Francisco

11/3 at 3pm at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, NJ

Thank you for all your support and happy reading!